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The Christmas Schooner

The Christmas Schooner

 Powerful, moving story and exquisite score, 


It’s not often a truly original holiday musical comes along, so its nosurprise that with its powerful, moving story and exquisite score, “The
Christmas Schooner” celebrates Maritime Month in August in Marquette.

The ship


The Christmas tree schooner Arendal docked on the
Chicago River, December 9, 1914.

Based on historic events, The Christmas Schooner is a fictional account of a 19th Century Great Lakes captain who is intent on sailing the treacherous winter waters of Lake Michigan in order to bring the Tannenbaum (the Christmas tree)  the thousands of German immigrants in to Chicago who otherwise would have no tree.

It is also the account of the sailor’s wife, who cannot understand her husband’s mission until the time comes when she too must choose between personal risk and service to others.
The Christmas Schooner tells the story of Peter  His voyages become a yearly tradition despite his wife’s misgivings – until a fateful voyage makes her realize the true importance of his mission.

The Christmas Schooner tells the story of Peter and Alma Stossel, whose pioneering spirit is full of the energy and dreams of America in the 1870’s. And the story of the Stossel family, a German family, now living in America in a little lumber town, Manistique, on the north coast of Lake Michigan. It is also the story of a lumber schooner called the Molly Doone and the story of a letter that changed their lives. With the help of Peter’s young son Karl, and the companionship of his father from the Old Country, Gus, and Peter’s voyage of The Molly Doone across Lake Michigan Full of beautiful music, lively dances, and a grea


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