Lake Superior Theatre - 270 N Lakeshore Blvd. Marquette, MI 49855

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Superior Heroes



This fast-paced 90 minute journey spans four hundred years of U.P. history. Through journals, letters, stories and the favorite popular music of generations past, we listen to earlier voices describe terrors we’re glad we missed and joys we wish we’d shared. Heroism from this region reaches from from lakeshore to lakeshore, and from generation to generation.

The Heroes


You will be amused, angered, inspired and astounded by the tales of miners, loggers, farmers, homemakers, teachers, entrepreneurs and even submariners whose faces smiled on this unique region! SUPERIOR HEROES offers a bit of education, a bundle of U.P. pride, and a great evening of popular music you will recognize: from the Big Band era to the fiddle melodies of the early Irish settlers. A tribute to the many heroes of this wild and rugged country, and a hope filled gesture for generations of Superior heroes to come.

WWII Capt. McClintock


MARQUETTE, MI – There are many ways Americans remember and honor our country’s service members who fought bravely and courageously to keep our country free. In the small, sleepy Michigan town of Marquette, initiatives began in 1998 to recognize the efforts of one of their hometown heroes.

Peter White


Who Peter White was and where he came from:
Twenty-seven-year-old Peter White was possibly the hardest-working man in Marquette. By 1857 he was astore owner, land agent, postmaster, lawyer, county clerk and registrar of deeds, school board treasurer-and a state representative…..


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