Lake Superior Theatre - 270 N Lakeshore Blvd. Marquette, MI 49855

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Points North

Lake Superior Theatre’s newest summer adventure, is a swashbuckling, musical romp into an earlier time!

British tyranny in 1750


When two Scottish highlanders and an English man escape British tyranny in 1750, they have a a few surprises awaiting them in the new world.  Passing themselves off as Northern guides, and not knowing a white pine from a porcupine, these three soon are in trouble up to their sword hilts.

Unadulterated comedy


Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is brimming with unscrupulous French fur traders, an unbalanced English lord, and unadulterated comedy.  A touchy alliance with an Ojibwa family may save the hapless trio, but only if the bagpipes and the peace pipe can silence the numerous, often hilarious warrings and wooings.  Mistaken identities, the rhythms of Celtic and Native American drums, the clash of spear against sword, and the “Dance of Death” make this a ” must-see” in the U.P.!


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