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Lake Stories

Lake Stories

A lake, a cabin, a family, and all the stories that go with that.


The first play this season at Lake Superior Theatre is Lake Stories written by B.G. Bradley. 
College professor and poet Ben O’Brian is down. Way down.
All he does is sit on the beach next to a fire and look out at the lake. He’s
been doing so most of the summer. 

His family is worried. Even the dog is worried. So they do what any good U.P. family does in a crisis: they tell stories. Join the O’Brian family by a U.P. lake in the summer, sorting out the old stories and inventing some new ones. They’ll laugh, they’ll cry, they’ll remember.

Along the way, you may too. Come back home for Lake Stories. See you by the fire. Grab a stick and roast marshmallows during intermission! And celebrate our history as LST presents and preserves our past!

Lake Superior Theatre Needs Your Lake Stories
Lake Superior Theater and Marquette Monthly proudly announce “Tell Your Lake Stories”. In conjunction with LST’s production of Lake Stories an original play by local author B.G. Bradley, Marquette Monthly is sponsoring “Tell Your Lake Stories”. The five winning stories submitted by Marquette Monthly readers will be featured in the July production, told by actors on stage! So, if there is a funny, interesting, unusual or just plain classic lake story about fishing, hunting, hiking, boating, swimming, wild life etc. that has been told around your family fire or dinner table for years, send it in and you just may hear it again on stage! Rules: 1.  Submit a typed manuscript of a true family story concerning life in and around Upper Peninsula lakes. (OK you can embellish it a bit) to the Marquette Monthly 810 N. Third St. Marquette MI 49855 by May 15, 2010. 2.  The story should take from 1 to 5 minutes to read aloud. 3.  The story should be geared for a mature family audience and should include nothing that would be out of place in a PG-13 movie. 4.  The author must be willing to accept some minor changes in the story (names, places etc.) which will be necessary to suit the continuity of the play, Lake Stories 5. Judges for the contest will be the cast of Lake Stories.  Up to five stories will be chosen from among those submitted to be read during performances.  Judges’ decisions are final. 6. Winners will be informed of the dates on which their stories will be included in the play and receive complimentary tickets to the show. 


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