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Do Black Shoes Reflect Up

Aug 3-7 and Aug 9-13 Tues-Sat 
​Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?  Director Amy Malaney

 Focusing on eight children during their Catholic elementary and high school education in the 1950s, it captures the funniest aspects of youthful growing pains and the trying moments of adolescence. Every number tickles the funny bone of anyone who ever went to school, public or private. It is a delightful musical for schools.

The 1950s era story from the original books were also turned into a musical with music and lyrics by James Quinn and Alaric Jans during the mid to late-1970s. The original coming of age musical involves the 1950s Catholic education of eight Chicago children, following them from the start of elementary school through the senior prom and beyond. Along the way it touches on such topics as first confessions, puppy love, patron saints, teacher’s pets, sex education classes, and the importance of wearing underwear with school uniform’s plaid pleated skirt so the shoes wouldn’t reflect up.  
​One of the central plot elements running through the musical is that Eddie Ryan is infatuated with a chubby girl, Becky Bakowski. She becomes his best friend, and he later falls in love with her when she matures into a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, she decides to become a nun. Eddie eventually decides to stop questioning his faith and rejoins the church as a teacher at his old Catholic high school, where he finds himself with the love of his high-school sweetheart, and his lifelong commitment to teaching the Catholic faith.


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