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Superior Adventures

Superior Adventures | July 24-27

As part of our 20th Anniversary Celebration, we’re bringing you a new type of entertainment. Superior Adventures is a collection of four unique presentations of Lake Superior stories. We invite you to join us for this special celebration of our area’s unique history.

Shipwrecks, Sunburns and Snowstorms! | July 24

Photo historian Jack Deo & meteorologist Karl Bohnak are combining their stories and images to illustrate the wide range of weather extremes we experience living in the U.P. There’s shipwrecks, car wrecks, train wrecks and all sorts of mayhem caused by weather including as the Great Seiche that affected the Lake Superior region during mid June 1939. A historical show that will step back in time in our Maritime History

Shanties and Sea Songs | July 25

Stories of bravery and heroism featuring the lighthouse keepers of the Great Lakes. Join licensed Captain Orion Couling for an interactive sea song sing along. Hear how these songs were used in the maritime and the history that formed this tradition used to this day!

Deer Camps to Grand Camps | July 26

Deer Camps to Grand Camps will feature a slideshow by photo historian Jack Deo, sharing some of the greatest and funniest photos from his 40-year collection of regional classic deer camps. The latter part of the show will highlight the “Grand Camps” of Marquette County, including Cyrus McCormick’s White Deer Lake, cabins at the Huron Mountain Club and color photos of Granot Loma Lodge never before shown.

Tales of the Northwoods | July 27

It’s a family affair when the Couling family takes the stage. Veteran story tellers Jim and Mary Couling (Twilight Walking Tours) join their son Orion as they tell their favorite stories of the UP; featuring folk music and history, this is a charming night by the lake.


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