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Spotlight on Marquette Artists

Spotlight on Marquette Artists | July 23-26
Featuring Jack Deo and Lumi

Tuesday July 23

One of our most popular historical events returns this year with stories and images – a historical show that will step back in time celebrating our Maritime History – What’s up Doc(k)?  Jack Deo and Jim Koski set sail with stories and images in a fascinating show that will step back in time and celebrate our Maritime History.  The show will feature a history of the docks, schooners, freighters, the fishing industry, shipwrecks, and fires as well as vintage movie footage of the ore docks and harbor.  One of our favorite stories about Peter White talks about him writing in his journal after a long day building a dock that he suggested would serve generations of the town to come. He woke up the following morning after a stormy night to document that “nary a twig remained”, something that many of us are currently experiencing with the high water levels. Join us for this Superior evening. Check out Jack’s work here.

Wednesday & Thursday July 24 & 25
Fun and fresh and next on stage will be two nights (July 24 and 25) of a musical journey with  Lumi. Did you know that Lumi is the Finnish word for snow? It was a Lumi winter this year for certain! Lumi is Marquette’s fusion rock group that many think has a chance to be much more than just a local band.  Lumi is a homegrown, six-piece band based in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, fusing funk, dub reggae, progressive rock, and jazz to make tasty, groovy jams. Entertainment is a big part of the Lumi experience. “We put on a performance and a show every time,” Ryan Brandt (lead guitarist) said. “We want to create an amazing environment for everyone to enjoy.” Lumi will play different sets each night taking the audience on a musical adventure everyone is sure to love. Check out Lumi’s sound here.

Friday July 26

Jack Deo returns to take us on a trip to the Iron and Copper Mines in 1870. People and places “back in the day” will jump off the screen with amazing 3D effects!  Using special digital technology, historic stereoview photos will be projected on a giant screen.  See local towns, mines, railroads, and scenery as you’ve never seen them before and go underground to see the miners drilling, blasting, smelting and transporting ore. From the mine to the ore dock, see how mining was done 150 years ago. This evening will also feature a special treat with the memories interspersed with Marquette artists Jim and Ray.  Jim Pennell and Ray Dollar have been performing together for more than 35 years, so their repertoire—primarily folk-rock songs, but also some rock and classical country—”has grown continuously as different artists influenced and inspired them,” said Pennell.  Listeners can expect plenty of familiar tunes by the Beatles, Jimmy Buffett, Simon and Garfunkel, Jim Croce, Tom Petty, Doc Watson, Neil Young, and Johnny Cash. Catch up with Jim and Ray here. 

Electrifying and supremely entertaining: you will love this week.  We are planning some additional surprises so stay tuned!


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