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Passion About UP

Things to Love about the UP and Lake Superior Theater

Summer…. It seems that in the U.P. we have 5 seasons…winter, spring, summer, fall and winter again as the John Heath painting I love portrays.   Perhaps it is because we wait so long for summer that we all devour every moment of it and spend as much time as we can at camp or camping.  And having grown up spending summers at camp in Big Bay, camp was a part of a Yooper Summer that was to be treasured and anticipated when the last snowbank melted.  

One of the reasons that Lake Superior Theatre has become my passion is the hope that by presenting and preserving our past all of us will take the time to share all those untold stories…to unplug the portable DVD players, iPods, Blackberries and Cell phones and use our imagination to share our stories with the ones we love.  Because stories are more than just a way to pass the time or entertain the kids on rainy days; stories are a a way to connect with each other and our history. 

Years ago I took a copy of Superior Heartland: A Backwoods History by C. Fred Rydholm down for the book shelf.  Finally when I retire, I thought, I will have time to read all those delicious tidbits about Henry Ford and Peter White.  My Dad had wonderful stories about Mr. Ford that I unfortunately was much to busy as a teenager to listen too and then he was gone.  Peter White is my husband Peter’s ancestor and we try to nourish his spirit at the Ridge St. House overlooking the Lake he loved so much.  I have carried those books back and forth over the years and there are fascinating stories yet to read!

-Peggy Frazier, Lake Superior Theatre Board of Directors President


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