Lake Superior Theatre - 270 N Lakeshore Blvd. Marquette, MI 49855

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Lake Superior Theatre Donors

When it comes to believing in the power of the arts to inspire leadership, creativity and success, the best
individuals and companies supporting the arts are all on the same page, and we are happy to honor them.
The Arts Fuel Creativity…Creativity Powers Ideas…Ideas Make Everyone Soar!
Downtown Eye Care
Frazier Fund
Marquette Breakfast Rotary

SUPPORTERS $500-$999
Howard Cohodas & Sue Acocks
Donckers Candies & Gifts
Pryse & Louise Duerfeldt
Mark Aho Financial Group
Range Bank
Vierling Restaurant
Wells Fargo

LIGHTKEEPER $250 -$499
Roger & Mary Bentlage
David Blair & Chris Bennett
Michele Butler
Adam and Pat Brish
John and Patricia Case
Jim & Pam Grundstrom
Jim & Shelly Johnson
Tom & Sue LeGalley
Jay and Deidre Mering
Eugene Whitehouse

CAPTAIN $200-$249
Tom Baldini
Ken & Maura Davenport
James & Judy Quirk
Ken & Tami Seavoy
Rich & Adrienne Vermeulen
Beth & John Wallace

FIRST MATE $150-$199
Lincoln & Terrell Frazier
Peter & Audrey Kaufman
Margo Mathews Family
Fred & Kathyrn Maynard

NAVIGATORS $100-$149
Rod & Holly Aldrich
Willard & Lois Cohodas
Robert & Rosemary Glenn
Karen Hakala
Carl & Lynne Hammerstrom
Dick Huey & Sue Kensington
Alan & Mary Hunter
John & Pauline Kiltinen
Marilyn Klahn
Robert & Meredith Kulisheck
Bob & Helyn LaFreniere
Dick & Nancy Lutey
Carlo Maki
Don & Joan Miller
Michael Nidiffer
Pat Ryan-ODay
Ross and Louise Pearson
Greg Seiple & Babette Welch
Bob & Sue Stephenson
Charles & Judy Warner
Charles & Barbara Weinrick
Margaret Whitman
Bob & Joyce Wilson
Les & Phyllis Wong
Frank $ Bobbie Young

Dan & Constance Arnold
Georgia Carlson
Chet DeFonso
Ron & Iris Katers
Mary Knauss
Jack & MaryAnne Kublin
Carol Moore