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A Thousand Clowns


The year is 1962 and bachelor uncle, Murray Burns, is endeavoring to rear his precocious nephew in N.Y.C. and do everything he has always wanted to do like standing on Park Avenue in the dawn’s early light and hollering,

“All right, all you richpeople; everybody out in the street for volleyball.” When Social Services arrive on thescene to insure that the nephew is receiving a proper upbringing, he finds himself solving their problems.

The Mouse That Roared


Nestled in the Alps is a tiny country by the name of Grand Fenwick, and it is about to go bankrupt if something drastic is not done!

So the Duchess Gloriana and her counsel decide that declaring war with the United States is the best solution to their problems. Then they can plan to lose and be rehabilitated!

Dandelion Cottage


Dandelion Cottage is a the story of four young girls who take over a small, deserted home and fix it up for their use as a clubhouse. The lucky girls are, Bettie, Jean, Mabel and Marjory who are given the key to a little cottage near the church.

They earn the right to use the cottage as their own for a whole summer as long as they pull all of the dandelions from the lawn. After the lawn is cleared, the girls eagerly set to tidying up the cottage and spend hours there refurbishing it and keeping it tidy.

A Night of Broadway


Capping the season will be BOBBY GLENN BROWN & Friends, performing in An Evening Cabaret. Local favorite Bobby Glenn, and his friends will enchant their audiences singing fresh arrangements of classic standards, romantic ballads, songs from Broadway and more!


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